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Cinema is about escapism, being one of the first to see the latest Hollywood Blockbuster on a phenomenal 4K screen just how the director intended it to be. An unparalleled big screen experience with incredible sound and an all to rare break away from life, your mobile and the clutter of life where you can be transported away for 2-3 hours into another world, universe or far-flung destination surrounded by other passionate film fans.

But if you think that is all you can see at the cinema you are wrong. Sometimes you may have to dig a little deeper into a cinema’s website or search a bit harder amongst the multi-million pound Hollywood marketing budgets that are vying for your attention but amongst the film you will find some incredible gems that also make the most of the power of the big screen, the joy of bringing people together in a local cinema to enjoy a shared experience. This is Event Cinema.

Event cinema has been around for over 10 years and caters to uber-passionate fans. Generally, a one night only, unmissable event in your regular independent or multiplex cinema. It may be live streamed, offering accessibility in your local cinema to an event that you may otherwise miss out on due to location or affordability. Alternatively it may be an iconic event from a year gone by be it a cult classic or music event that offers fans the ability to either see a film or concert once more in all it’s big screen glory or provides the ability to see it surrounded by other fellow fans that share your passion to recreate a gig like atmosphere at your local cinema.

An Event Cinema goer could be anyone. Events cater to everyone in some form or another. Recent years have seen one-off events for fans of Bowie, Muse, BTS, Roger Walters, Nick Cave, Elvis, Take That, Diana Ross, Andre Rieu, Cliff Richard, League of Legends, CS:GO, Trekkies, Art fans, Musical fans, runners, cyclists the list could go on and on!

If music events, esports or documentaries aren’t for you, then check out the regular events from The Met Opera, Royal Ballet, National Theatre Live to name but a few. Art fan? Check out an art exhibitions in your local cinema that in recent years have ranged from Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso, Dahli, to again just name a few.

Event cinema offers a way to experience a piece of content or an event be it live or historic in the most impressively visual way, with fantastic audio, surrounded by like-minded people and fans.

If it’s opera you can be immersed in the moment, with the best seat in the house experiencing every emotion, vibrato and tear stain on the opera singer’s face. At the screening of a boxing bout you have the feeling of being packed into the auditorium seeing the impact of a glove hitting an opponent’s face at 25 miles an hour, on the screen the size of a double-decker bus rather than at home with a couple of mates on your 32” screen. If you’re an esports fan it provides the opportunity to appreciate the equivalent of your team winning a world tournament streamed live from the US or Korea in the same way sports fans get to experience their team compete in the World Cup final. High definition, stadium seating, audio that brings to life every bullet fired and threat of approaching enemy footsteps.

It might be no surprise then that at an Event Cinema screening the cinema etiquette often is surprisingly different. In comparison to a film crowd at select events cinema audiences don’t sit quietly in their seats, making a conscious decision to sit away from other cinema goers like the standard cinema attendee. Event cinema makes you stand up, clap together, cheer together, sing along together and revel in the fact you’re sharing every moment of this experience with a fellow fan.

Event cinema takes every quality of cinema one step further offering an accessible, affordable, local, communal means by which you can see the content you love, share the emotional experience, surrounded by other like-minded fans.

If you haven’t tried it yet, Why not? Search for it, hunt it down. If you’ve always fancied seeing an Opera but can’t justify the ticket price try it first in the cinema, if you can’t get down to London to a West End show you might be able to catch it at your local multiplex.

Click here to find what Event Cinema releases are coming up in a cinema near you. If you’re an Event Cinema regular tell us what you always look out for and what you love about it. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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