The future of Home Entertainment

Paul Diment

Home Entertainment is arguably one of the most dynamic divisions within the film industry. With the rise of video on demand platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, the landscape is more dynamic than ever. We spoke with Paul Diment, an expert in home entertainment with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Having started his career instore at HMV Oxford Circus, he later worked in Sales and Marketing at Contender/eOne and thereafter he became the Head of Home Entertainment Marketing for Curzon Artificial Eye.

What makes working in Home Entertainment exciting?

Getting to make the decisions on the design and spear-heading the marketing campaign for each project. There’s nothing like working on a project for months on end and then being able to see it on sale at various stores.

Is Blu-ray and DVD still popular today?

Despite the stunted growth in this market, there is still plenty of opportunities and money to be made within this form of entertainment. Distributors need to be strategic and think outside the box when it comes to releasing films into the home entertainment market. This is one of the reasons we’ve seen a rise in special edition releases over the last couple of years.

How do you market DVD’s in this era, and who’s the main target group for this format?

It really depends on the title you’re promoting. The box office juggernauts will always have more money from the studios at their disposal. If you are talking specifically about independent and foreign language releases that have an limited marketing budget, social media is a cost-effective way to engage with the specific target market; especially fans of foreign language cinema or certain genres.

How are VOD platforms developing, and what is the impact on DVD sales?

It’s all about offering the consumer the widest choice possible. It also comes down to convenience. If you aren’t that interested in buying a physical copy of a new title but can download them (sometimes before the physical release), that’s attractive to customers.

Why do some films go straight to DVD and VOD?

Sometimes it comes down to a busy theatrical schedule, or you may have a release that has a strong genre feel that would appeal more to the grocers.

How does the Curzon VOD platform distinguish itself from platforms like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime?

Curzon’s advantage is that they make their own films available to stream at the same time as the theatrical release. Their latest release is the excellent “Gloria Bell”. If your nearest independent cinema is a few hundred miles away, this is a perfect way to catch all their latest releases.

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