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Royal Ballet Romeo And Juliet live 2019 (2019)

Romeo and Juliet fall passionately in love, but their families are caught up in a deadly feud. They marry in secret, but tragic circumstances lead Romeo to fight and kill Juliet's cousin Tybalt. As punishment, he is banished from the city.

When Juliet's parents force her to marry Paris, she takes drastic action by drinking a potion to make her appear dead so she can escape to join Romeo. But her message explaining this plan fails to reach him. When he hears news of her death, he returns to visit her tomb and kill himself. Juliet wakes to find him dead. Devastated, she stabs herself.

#Romance 180 min
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"Kenneth MacMillan brought psychological depth and sexual passion to the classical repertoire with his first three-act ballet. Not that you’d know it from this latest revival"


"We think of Romeo and Juliet as a story about love, but really it’s about death. Ten minutes into Kenneth MacMillan’s ballet there’s already a pile of bodies on the stage, but despite the brutality, we are shown that life can be transcendent"

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