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Bad Boys for Life (2020)

Marcus and Mike are forced to confront new threats, career changes, and midlife crises as they join the newly created elite team AMMO of the Miami police department to take down the ruthless Armando Armas, the vicious leader of a Miami drug cartel.

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"The comedic chemistry of Martin Lawrence and Will Smith has to do a lot of heavy lifting in “Bad Boys for Life,” the third buddy-cop action movie to feature the pair as maverick Miami detectives. They get the job done — delivering a mildly enjoyable movie that committed fans of the franchise will rate a lot higher — but they have to hack through a lot of by-the-numbers plotting and indolent characterizations to get there."


"Martin Lawrence may not have starred in a motion picture for close to a decade, but he has a special place in my life. When I went to see his dopey 2001 comedy Black Knight, it was the first time I truly laughed with abandon post-9/11."


"Produced by Artangel, the arts-patronage outfit that has backed a wide range of visual artists and avant-garde filmmakers including Clio Barnard, Matthew Barney and Richard Billingham, this debut feature for directors Andrea Luka Zimmerman and Adrian Jackson is almost impossible to categorise. It opens cold without explanation as it introduces various non-professional participants either interacting with each other or directly addressing the camera in assorted spots around east and south London, including Brixton market and Billingsgate fish market."

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