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Brightburn (2019)

What if a child from another world crash-landed on Earth, but instead of becoming a hero to mankind, he proved to be something far more sinister?

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"An extraterrestrial raised by midwest farmhands, 12-year-old Brandon Breyer (Jackson A Dunn) hits puberty and discovers he has superpowers: the plot of Brightburn is basically Superman if Superman were bad. This is fine as a starting point, but it becomes increasingly unsatisfying as the film struggles to articulate why Brandon is evil (though its end credits are soundtracked by Billie Elish’s hit single Bad Guy to ensure the point is hammered home)."


"With superheroes saturating the box office in the last couple of decades, a driving quest is to find something fresh. The concept of “what if” — exploring alternate takes on characters — is one that comics have turned to for years, and Superman’s origin story has fuelled that type of tinkering (DC had a Russian-raised Supes in Superman: Red Son, Marvel offered Supreme Power, which followed an alien orphan on Earth who took a much darker path)."

"A Kansas farm couple is trying to make a baby. The spoons start rattling, the earth moves — but not how you’d think — and the next thing you know they have a son on the brink of adolescence."


"Long before he became the alt-superhero auteur of choice, for both Marvel and DC, James Gunn was a proud peddler of niftily produced schlock. He started out at Troma writing their deranged midnight movie take on Shakespeare’s most tragic romance, before working with Zack Snyder on his ferociously satisfying remake of Dawn of the Dead."

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