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Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)

More than two decades have passed since Sarah Connor prevented Judgment Day, changed the future, and re-wrote the fate of the human race. Dani Ramos is living a simple life in Mexico City with her brother and father when a highly advanced and deadly new Terminator – a Rev-9 – travels back through time to hunt and kill her. Dani's survival depends on her joining forces with two warriors: Grace, an enhanced super-soldier from the future, and a battle-hardened Sarah Connor. As the Rev-9 ruthlessly destroys everything and everyone in its path on the hunt for Dani, the three are led to a T-800 from Sarah’s past that may be their last best hope.

#Action 128 min
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"There are a number of reasons to like “Terminator: Dark Fate” — Linda Hamilton’s scowl, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s stubble, MacKenzie Davis’s athleticism — but my favorite thing about this late addition to a weary franchise is how little it cares about timeline continuity.The dire future of machine rule, prophesied in the first “Terminator” way back in 1984, has been evaded, revised and reinstated in many sequels since then."


"The year is 2022 and in Mexico City, a terminator just dropped out of the sky. A sleek Rev-9 model (Gabriel Luna) has been sent from the future to kill factory worker Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes)."


"So in Terminator’s beginning is his end and in his time-travel action franchise is the ending that brings him back round to another beginning: basically replaying the famous elements from T1 and T2 with some new actors, new twists, newish attitudes to sexual politics, famous lines slightly changed (“Come with me or you’ll be dead in 30 seconds”) and with Arnie himself good-humouredly assuming a wise old-timer attitude, like a cyborg Grandpa Walton. The Terminator franchise has come clanking robotically into view once again with its sixth film – it absolutely will not stop – not merely repeating itself but somehow repeating the repetitions."

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