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The Hummingbird Project (2019)

A pair of high-frequency traders go up against their old boss in an effort to make millions in a fiber-optic cable deal.

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"Part thriller, part family drama, part satirical commentary on the way that the pursuit of wealth is a cultural cancer that taints everything it touches, The Hummingbird Project is no less compelling for its odd mishmash of components. Jesse Eisenberg, reprising the nervy, sweat-stained angst of his performance in The Social Network, plays Vincent Zaleski."


"Coming on like a true-life story (it’s utterly made up), Kim Nquyen’s film is built on a distinctly unpromising hook — the race to run fibre optic cables — but still morphs into an entertaining if familiar tale of plucky entrepreneurs taking on big business. A showcase for the nervy talents of Jesse Eisenberg — the techie milieu calls to mind The Social Network — it manages to say important things about slowing down in a world that is increasingly spinning too fast."


"Part of me wants to cut this enigmatic drama about fibre optic cable-laying some slack for trying to disprove the notion there are no longer any truly original concepts in North American cinema. Yet Canadian writer-director Kim Nguyen’s sketchy question mark of a film proves so left-field it risks seeming esoteric or – with its technical dialogue on the matter of “neutrino messaging” – openly baffling."

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